A Call to Rome
From the moment Jason Davis felt the calling to plant a church and share the Gospel in Rome, he knew he was embarking on a significant mission. Guided by his faith and a deep love for people, he moved his life to this enchanting city to create a spiritual haven for both locals and newcomers, fostering a community centered on God's love and grace.

Building Bridges of Faith
Jason's approach to ministry is characterized by his ability to build bridges between cultures and languages. His genuine respect for the rich history and diverse perspectives of Rome allows him to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Through his teachings, dialogues, and acts of kindness, he has become a trusted and relatable source of hope and inspiration in a city seeking spiritual renewal.

Planting Seeds of Transformation
In a place where ancient traditions often intertwine with modern challenges, Jason has sown seeds of transformation. His innovative approach to sharing the Gospel, coupled with his dedication to addressing the unique spiritual needs of Rome's residents, has resulted in changed lives and renewed faith. Through mentoring, discipleship, and compassionate outreach, he's fostering a blossoming community of believers.

Embracing Challenges with Faith
Navigating the complexities of church planting and missionary work is not without its trials. Yet, Jason's unyielding faith and determination have seen him through every obstacle. Whether overcoming language barriers or responding to cultural sensitivities, he approaches challenges with a heart full of faith, trusting that God's grace will guide him.

Join the Journey
Jason's mission in Rome is not a solitary endeavor; it's an invitation to all who share his passion for spreading the Gospel and making a difference. You can be part of this inspiring journey by supporting through prayers, resources, or even visiting to experience firsthand the impact of his ministry in the Eternal City.
A Servant's Heart in Tamazula
From the heart of Tamazula, Bernardo has dedicated his life to nurturing souls and uplifting spirits. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of the community, he has embraced the roles of pastor and teacher, offering guidance and support to individuals seeking spiritual growth and renewal.

A Guiding Light of Faith
Bernardo's teachings are rooted in the timeless truths of the Gospel. His eloquence and passion as a teacher illuminate even the most profound aspects of faith, making them accessible and relatable to all. Through his sermons, classes, and discussions, he ignites a spark of faith in the hearts of his congregation, empowering them to live purposeful and Christ-centered lives.

A Pillar of Compassion and Care
Bernardo's ministry extends beyond the pulpit and the classroom. His compassionate spirit is a source of comfort for those facing challenges and uncertainties. With an attentive ear and an open heart, he offers solace, encouragement, and a reminder of God's unwavering love to those in need.

Fostering a United Community
Through Bernardo's leadership, the community of Tamazula has come together in a spirit of unity and shared purpose. He encourages fellowship, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among his congregation, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and inspired to support one another.

Joining Bernardo's Journey
Bernardo's journey is one of humility, dedication, and a deep sense of calling. Your support, whether through prayers or active involvement, plays a crucial role in furthering the mission of faith, love, and transformation in Tamazula.